What is a 1031 exchange?

A 1031 exchange is an IRS process that allows you to save 30- 40% in taxes on the profits from the sale of your property. You must hire a qualified intermediary, 1031 Accommodator (that’s what we are) to make sure you are following the protocols correctly.


Let’s see how using an exchange worked out for Paul

$100K Purchase

Paul bought this house for a price of $100,000.

Sold For $300K

After setting up his exchanges, Paul sold for $300,000.

The exchange provided a tax savings of 60,000 on his profit!

Two $150K Purchases

Paul reinvested all of his profits into new, no-management investments.

These investments make him twice the monthly rent, without paying a cent in taxes!

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Do I qualify for a 1031 exchange?

Read from the list below to see if your property may qualify to take advantage
 of a 1031 Exchange. Or, take our quiz!

Even if your property cannot be sold tax free, we will let you know about any 
tax breaks that you may be able to take advantage of.

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