What is the cost of a 1031 exchange

Apex 1031 Exchange offers some of the Lowest Fees in the industry. 
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An accommodation plan for everyone

Standard Exchange


Bundle Services and Save Up To $900

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  • Most popular plan
  • Sell first, and buy second, with a Standard 1031 Exchange

Reverse Exchange


Bundle Services and Save Up To $3,500

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  • Buy first, and sell second, in a Reverse 1031 Exchange.

Improvement Exchange


Bundle Services and Save Up To $3,500

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  • Improve the property you purchase with exchange funds in an Improvement 1031 Exchange

Additional Fees


Additional Property Fee

Charged after the first purchase 
on each additional purchase


Rush Fee

Only charged when less than one days 
notice provided for the request for funds

Save $100 to $500 when
registering for your exchange now

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The timeline to a successful 1031 exchange?

1031 exchange rules and regulations can be very complex. To stay on track, please be in constant contact with your specialist. Refer to the steps below to get a better understanding of the 1031 exchange process. Schedule a consultation with our specialists today so we can help navigate your exchange! 

See how far your profits can grow

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Do I qualify for a 1031 exchange?

Read from the list below to see if your property may qualify to take advantage
 of a 1031 Exchange. Or, take our quiz!

Even if your property cannot be sold tax free, we will let you know about any 
tax breaks that you may be able to take advantage of.

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